Monday, 30 January 2012

Hello and welcome.

     and welcome to my new blog.

This is my second attempt at a blog.  The first was dedicated to WWII figures  and WWII wargaming which is my biggest interest but not my only one.  So it was time for a change.

Probably by now you have noticed the exciting name for this blog.  Yes its a Wargames and painting blog.  No, I couldn't think up a fun and interesting name but I did at least you know what your coming here for.

Here's a couple of non WWII pictures to show what else you might find here.

Wargames Painting Service - 95th Rifles
And a bit of this
Wargames Painting Service - 28mm ECW
and some of this

Wargames Painting Service - King Leonidas

and I've even done some of this

Wargames Painting Service - Theoden

So if you like this and some of the usual WWII figures please come back for a look.

And for my first project on this blog its the 28th Regiment of foot at Waterloo in 28mm.

Thanks for looking.


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