Saturday, 4 February 2012

28th Regiment of Foot - part 1

     first off apologies for not posting for a few days but I've been down with a vicious bout of man flu.

Back on track and ready for a new project, and its a good one.

The 28th regiment of foot.  I've only done a few Napoleonics projects so its interesting to get started on something new.  This will be done in 28mm using various metal figures bulked out by some victrix plastics.  Over 70 figures in total.  Heres a plan of how the unit should look.

28th Regiment of Foot - Basing Plan
 To start I'm going to do the grenadier and then the light company and I'll come back to the centre company later this year.

First part of the project involved a bit of green stuff as the 28th did not wear the standard shako badges.  Here's some pics from a reactor's site.

And on the back was the campaign badge from Egypt.

So I've shaved off a lot of the detail and added some new badges with some green stuff.

I'm quite happy with the results. Possible a little bit thicker than scale but they should be visible on the battlefield.

So thats the Grenadier company ready for some paint.

Please feel free to leave some comments.  More to come.

Thanks for reading.


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