Thursday, 15 December 2016

Gates of Antares - New plastic Algoryn review

      something a bit different for the blog tonight.  I was lucky enough to attend the first Gates of Antares Boot Camp at Warlord HQ and the goody bag given out to everyone contained a nice surprise, one of the brand new plastic Algoryn spru.  I thought you guys would like to see some close up pics of it so I have decided to write this quick review.

Algoryn AI Spru

Algoryn AI Spru
The spru contains enough parts to make a 5 man AI squad. Each model has 2 part bodies, legs, head and a weapons.  I don't have any AI troopers myself but the sculpts look to be very close to the metal figures.  The detail looks to be very crisp with recessed panel lines which should help with painting.
Algoryn Bodies

Algoryn Legs

Algoryn Legs
There are 7 head options, 5 fully helmeted, one without a face mask and one without any headgear.

There are plenty of weapon options with this kit, including 5 mag guns, a mag repeater, 2  micro-X launchers and a mag pistol.  The leader also has an X-sling built into his gauntlet.

Leaders options and a mag repeater

Micro X-launcher and Mag Gun

Mag guns
 To round things off the spru also contains a 2 part spotter drone which rounds off all of the options for an AI squad.
Spotter Drone
Over all I say this is an excellent kit from Warlord. Figures look well thought out including thicker wrists which should make construction a bit easier than the C3 strike troops.

So I hope you found this article and the pictures of use.  Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

I hope to be back week with another review but this time with a slightly bigger model.

Until then.

Thanks for reading.