Thursday, 26 January 2017

Gates of Antares - Boromite Brood Mother Review

With Warlord due to release some lovely new kits for the Boromites in February I thought this would be a good time to review my favorite model out of the range. The reason I started playing Boromites, yes, you guess it, the Brood Mother.

The model costs £75 from the Warlord site and is a mixture of resin and metal parts.  For a Gates of Antares model this is fairly expensive but when you see the size of it you can understand why.


The body is made up of 2 resin pieces with 6 legs and the mouth. 

The pictures are taken on a 1cm grid so you can get an idea of the size of the parts.
Brood Mother - Body, top, outside

Brood Mother -Body, top, inside

Brood Mother -Body, bottom, outside

Brood Mother -Body, bottom, inside

Brood Mother -Mouth

Brood Mother -Legs
 The kit also includes all of the available weapon options, including 4 Plasma LS, a Plasma HS and a Heavy Mag Cannon.  There is a supporting collar for the weapons and a helmet for the rider.

All of these are great pieces except for the helmet.  It looks a bit big for me so I will be leaving it off my model.  On the bright side it does look like it will be a great base for a drone model.
Brood Mother - Weapons


 The casting on the resin parts was very good for a model of this size.  There are some large vents on the 2 parts of the body which will need to cut away.  The other main area that needs cleaned up is the large weapons tower which needs a bit of scraping to clear out.  Some minor work is needed on the resin Heavy Mag Cannon as well but this is just cutting off some vents.
Brood Mother - Casting Close up

Brood Mother - Casting Close up

Brood Mother - Casting Close up
Brood Mother - Casting Close up
 The details on the rest of the model is very clean and crisp.  There is a lot of great work especially round the rider and the lavamites.
Brood Mother - Details

Brood Mother - Details

Brood Mother - Details

Brood Mother - Detail 


Along with the surface details a lot of thought has gone into the construction of the model which shows Warlords great experience making large resin kits.

The mouth piece is keyed with three tabs to make sure it sits correctly and the 2 parts of the body fit together well.

Each of the legs is labeled with that side and position they go in and there is a large tab to help locate them.  To be honest I thought the adding the legs and getting the model to sit evenly was going to be a nightmare but it really wasn't.  Everything sat really well and I managed to get the legs on during the first pass.
Brood Mother - Slots for the legs

Brood Mother - Left side front leg detail
 The kit also includes an A5 card with the construction details which has a play sheet with all the model stats on the reverse.
Brood Mother -Construction details

Brood Mother - Play Sheet
The build was fairly simple for a model of this size.  I glued the 2 body parts together and clamped them to make sure there was a strong bond.  I then glued on the mouth before moving on to the legs which were surprisingly easy to line up.  At this point you could add some green stuff to fill any gaps but I didn't need too as the parts were a good fit.

I then added some magnets to the guns.  You don't need to do this for the Plasma LS on the ball turrets but I did as its always fun to have moving turrets. I drilled out a hole at the bottom of the turret and did the same in the body.  Just watch what angle the guns are pointing at when you add the magnets to the bottom of the turrets.

For the main weapons tower I drilled into that and added a magnet.  I did the same to the same to all of the weapon options.  Its nice to be able to swap them out as required.  Plus I will be looking at where else I can use these guns.   More to come on this subject.

Brood Mother - Main body with magnets

Brood Mother - Plasma LS with magnet

Brood Mother - Weapon options with magnets


As I said above my interest in the Boromites started with this model and I'm glad it did.  This felt like the first step in something truly Sci Fi and way different to the historical games I was playing previously.

Yes, the model is a bit pricey for an Antares kit but compared to a lot of other resin models of the same size from other manufacturers it is well worth the price.

A lot of thought has obviously went into the kit as it is very easy to build with a lot of the joins hidden in the rock details.  Plus some nice extras like the weapon options and play sheet.

A great model which is an ideal center piece for any Boromite army. 

Now all I need to do is paint it.

Thanks for reading.


Brood Mother - Complete model.

Brood Mother - Complete model.

Brood Mother - Complete model.

Brood Mother - Complete model.

Brood Mother - Complete model.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Gates of Antares - New Year, new army.

Hi guys,
               like many wargamers I like to start off the new year with a new hobby project.

As you may have noticed I have been playing a lot of Beyond the Gates of Antares after being picked to be part of the Antares Initiative.

I've always wanted to start a second force to give me a bit of variety with my games and give me 2 army's for intro gaming.

With GoA there is a lot of variety between the lists plus there are great models in each one but my choice of a second army was pretty easy.  Boromites.

They are very different playing style than my C3 with a lot of close combat troops rather than stand off shooting.  That and the Brood Mother model looks fantastic and I just had to have one.

Back colouring
They are bases on the ice world of Exonnin which has been has been mined for years forcing the work gangs to go deeper and deeper in search of any remaining wealth.  This search for greater rewards has exposed the workers to some rare elements which has caused some physiological changes.

The males born with a dark grey skin tone but as they get older their skin turns white starting from the spine and spreading out over their full body, so much so that most of the Rock Fathers are pure white.  In a strange quirk of nature this process is reversed with the females.

Work in progress shot.
So that's what I have so far for my clan background, a bit sparse on details but I will add more as I go. It was enough to let me work out a paint scheme.  I will paint up all of the figures with this grey/white skin tones but add more white the higher up the hierarchy we go.  The armour will be light blue to keep the cold look going and I will keep it looking quite battered and worn as its fitting for a band of miners looking for a good fight.

Starter List
So this is my starter list.  Little bit of everything which I think is good for a 500 point list.
  • 6 gang fighters with electro lash - 120 
  • 6 work gang with mass compactors and reflex armour - 127 
  • 5 Lavamites and handler - 116 
  • Mag LS with reflex armour - 40
  • X-Launcher with net ammo, reflex armour and spotter drone - 55 
  • 4 Scout Probes - 40

Total 498 points and 6 dice.

As I said, new year and a new army.  I will be back over the next few weeks with some updates on the army.  I'll also be back with more on my C3 as I still want to get them up to 1000 points.

Thanks for reading.


Work in progress shot of my first squad.