Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Gates of Antares - New Year, new army.

Hi guys,
               like many wargamers I like to start off the new year with a new hobby project.

As you may have noticed I have been playing a lot of Beyond the Gates of Antares after being picked to be part of the Antares Initiative.

I've always wanted to start a second force to give me a bit of variety with my games and give me 2 army's for intro gaming.

With GoA there is a lot of variety between the lists plus there are great models in each one but my choice of a second army was pretty easy.  Boromites.

They are very different playing style than my C3 with a lot of close combat troops rather than stand off shooting.  That and the Brood Mother model looks fantastic and I just had to have one.

Back colouring
They are bases on the ice world of Exonnin which has been has been mined for years forcing the work gangs to go deeper and deeper in search of any remaining wealth.  This search for greater rewards has exposed the workers to some rare elements which has caused some physiological changes.

The males born with a dark grey skin tone but as they get older their skin turns white starting from the spine and spreading out over their full body, so much so that most of the Rock Fathers are pure white.  In a strange quirk of nature this process is reversed with the females.

Work in progress shot.
So that's what I have so far for my clan background, a bit sparse on details but I will add more as I go. It was enough to let me work out a paint scheme.  I will paint up all of the figures with this grey/white skin tones but add more white the higher up the hierarchy we go.  The armour will be light blue to keep the cold look going and I will keep it looking quite battered and worn as its fitting for a band of miners looking for a good fight.

Starter List
So this is my starter list.  Little bit of everything which I think is good for a 500 point list.
  • 6 gang fighters with electro lash - 120 
  • 6 work gang with mass compactors and reflex armour - 127 
  • 5 Lavamites and handler - 116 
  • Mag LS with reflex armour - 40
  • X-Launcher with net ammo, reflex armour and spotter drone - 55 
  • 4 Scout Probes - 40

Total 498 points and 6 dice.

As I said, new year and a new army.  I will be back over the next few weeks with some updates on the army.  I'll also be back with more on my C3 as I still want to get them up to 1000 points.

Thanks for reading.


Work in progress shot of my first squad.

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